Legal basis

In Russia, companies active on the Russian market have founded an industrial association "Russian Packaging and Environment Coalition", "RusPEC". RusPEC is a legal entity, voluntary not-for-profit organization of industrial packaging producers and fillers producing consumer good in Russian Federation. 

Association develops and promotes proposals for integrated management of consumer wastes, including packaging wastes, based on the principles of environment safety, economic efficiency and social acceptability, as well as methods and processes of packaging waste management according to principles of shared financial responsibility of all parties who are involved at any certain stage of packaging "life cycle".

Main goal of the Association is to promote effective and sustainable way of packaging waste management (such as EPR principle) taking into account interests of industries, which produce and use packaging for producing of consumer goods, in the sphere of packaging waste management and environment protection.


Recent developments:

  • Adoption of Framework Law in 2014, effective since January 2015
  • Obligation for Producers (importers) of goods to ensure their utilization after their loss of consumer properties in accordance with the utilization targets set up by the RF Government. Producers are also obliged to utilize packaging waste of the goods in this packaging.

Utilization targets are available on request

Measures planned:

  • Introduction of the ecofee rate is expected
  • Clarification of issues regarding the content of the Declaration, the submittal process and between RusPEC and the authorities.

For further information please contact RusPEC or PRO Europe.



Lyubov Melanevskaya
Executive Director

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