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10.9 million

Date of Packaging Ordinance coming into effect


Legal basis

In August 2001, Law 2939/01 on “Packaging and the Alternative Management of Packaging and Other Products” was passed. The said law lays down the obligation for the alternative management of packaging in our country and harmonizes our national legislation with the related European Union legislation and in particular with European Directive 94/62/EC. At this point, we should note that in 2004 a new Community Directive was issued amending the goals set by Directive 94/62/EC. The new goals were incorporated into the national legal framework by means of a Joint Ministerial Decision 9268/469.

Obligated packaging

household packaging
commercial packaging
industrial packaging

Company info

Foundation of the PRO Europe Member Organization


Contact Address

Hellenic Recovery & Recycling Corporation
5 Himaras street
15125 Maroussi

Contact Person

Mrs. Margarita Papadaki

Offered Services

Market leader as a compliance scheme for packaging. Pro-Europe member for the use of Green Dot.


The objective of HE.R.R.Co is not to achieve a positive financial outcome (not for profit company), but rather to utilize the financial resources allocated for the optimal recovery of packaging waste.
The activities of the System which aim at the recovery of packaging waste from municipal waste are developed in close partnership with Local Authorities, as set forth in the legal framework. 

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