General info


66.8 million

Date of Packaging Ordinance coming into effect


Legal basis

Legal basis is in France the 1st of April 1992 decree : The producers shall manage household packaging end-of-life, either by setting up an individual system, or by contributing to a collective system. The objective is also to prevent and reduce packagin waste

Obligated packaging

household packaging

Company info

Foundation of the PRO Europe Member Organization


Contact Address

50, Boulevard HAUSSMANN
75009 Paris

Contact Person

Mr. Julien Dubourg,
Head of the clients department
+33 (0) 810 00 17 23

Offered Services

As market leader of the compliance system in France, Citeo offers its clients:

  • French competitive compliant scheme, services to design and reduce packaging, tools to sensitize final costumers to sort.

Citeo also develops different innovative services to answer its clients expectations.


Citeo aim is to maintain its position as of market leader and maker, develop circular economy, strengthen the principle of Extended Producer Responsiblity.
Citeo also contributes to the french recycling rate target, while maintaining the lowest costs for its clients.

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