Altstoff Recycling Austria


General info


8.7 million

Date of Packaging Ordinance coming into effect


Legal basis

Obligated packaging

household packaging
commercial packaging
all packaging materials

Company info

Foundation of the PRO Europe Member Organization


Contact Address

Altstoff Recycling Austria
Mariahilfer Strasse 123
1062 Vienna

Contact Person

Mag. Laura Alvarez, LLM
+43.1.599 97-211

Offered Services

  • packaging compliance for household and commercial sector
  • waste minimization programmes
  • communication and PR
  • individual customer support
  • additional services via subsidarys of ARA:
    • WEEE compliance
    • waste operator
    • transport logistics
    • IT solutions for waste management


Collection, recycling and recovery targets per material for household and commercial packaging are set in Austrian Packaging Ordinance

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