In Germany packaging ordinance will change from next year

News item: 2008-07-30, (updated April 2009)

In Germany the packaging ordinance has changed on January 1st, 2009 with some important changes regarding the Green Dot:

The implementation of the 5th Amendment of the German Packaging Ordinance (PO) on Jan. 1, 2009, has ended the obligation to mark packaging participating in a household collection system such as implemented by DSD. This means that in theory, using the trade mark “Der Grüne Punkt” on packaging is legally no longer necessary (but still recommendable as an orientation to consumers). DSD has, as a consequence, changed its contract from a licensing contract linking use of the trade mark and participation in the packaging recovery organization of DSD to a modular system.

Separate and independent contracts are offered since January 2009 for a) the isolated use of the trade mark „Der Grüne Punkt“ and b) for services rendered as a packaging recovery organization.

The new trade mark contract gives the customer the right to use the mark on sales packaging circulated in Germany, for payment of a moderate license fee based on tonnage. As a consequence, the option of using the trade mark with an affix, e.g. “Not valid in Germany”, without such payment is no longer possible. All use of the registered trade mark on packaging in Germany has to be covered by a valid trade mark contract with DSD.

You can view more detail by visiting the relevant page on the DSD website.

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