Other related websites

Other related websites

The International Packaging Press Organization (IPPO) is an independent and non-profit making society of more than 80 professional packaging journalists from 32 countries worldwide specialized in writing and reporting packaging and the packaging supply chain. It provides a forum for its global members to collaborate and exchange information about the industry issues.

Environmental Policy Support Tool for Recycling in Islands

INCPEN is a research organisation, which draws together an influential group of companies who share a vision of the future where all production, distribution, and consumption are sustainable.

EUROPEN--The European Organization for Packaging and the Environment--is an industry and trade organization open to any company with an economic interest in packaging and packaged products. It presents the opinion of its members on topics related to packaging and the environment.

EPRO is an association of the national organisations charged with organising and promoting recycling and recovery of plastics throughout Europe.

PackTV offer any relevant Trade Associations a partnership to broadcast Packaging related video content globally through their website for free. Discover stories from the world of packaging via Exclusive video content.
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