Legal Basis

Legal Basis

Finnish Waste Act (1993/1072)

  • producer responsibility

Council of State Decisions on Packaging and Packaging Waste (962/1997 and 17/2005)

  • are implementing the PPWD in the Finnish legislation 
  • prevention: 5 % packaging waste produced in 2008 in comparison to the GNP than produced in 2001 
  • reuse, recovery and recycling min 82 per cent from the total use of packaging 
  • material specific requirements in 2001 and targets for 2008

The authorities (the Pirkanmaa Environment Centre) check up on freeriders

A packer/filler and importers of packed goods with producer responsibility that is not nder contract with us has to report to the authorities on how its packaging is being recovered in accordance with regulations in force and material-specific targets. The authorities will collect a reporting fee from the packer and monitor that recovery takes place in the manner reported.

We are obliged to report to the Pirkanmaa Environment Centre the name of a packer with product responsibility that has not made a contract with us. We are also required to inform the environment centre if the contract between a packer and PYR expires for some reason.

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