General Information

General Information

CONAI is a private system, created and designed by companies: with more than 1,400,000 members, between packaging producers and users, CONAI is the largest consortium in Europe. Its task is to manage the recycling and the recovery of packaging in all of Italy and to pursue the recycling and recovery objectives set by European legislation, first acknowledged in Italy by the Ronchi Decree (legislative Decree 22/97), which was replaced by the legislative Decree “Environment Regulationsin 2006 (legislative Decree 152/06).

The CONAI management was entrusted by law, on the basis of a unique model through which private effectively manage a matter of public interest: the protection of the environment.

CONAI safeguards the environment by embracing the entire packaging lifecycle, from production to end-of-life management. To this purpose CONAI promotes the adoption of environment-friendly packaging at source, and then co-ordinates the recovery and recycling of packaging after use.

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