Bosnia and Herzegovina

General Information

Ekopak is the first and leading packaging recovery organisation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, whose goal is establishment and development of an efficient, integrated system for the management of all types of packaging waste: glass, paper, metal, plastic, wood and multilayer materials.

The role of Ekopak,  packaging recovery organisation, is to take responsibility for the fulfillment of legal obligations on behalf of its clients, producers of packaging, importers, fillers, distributors and retailers, with the lowest sustainable cost and for the benefit of the entire community.

 The principles of Ekopak are:

1. Fulfillment of the Packaging Ordinance with the greatest possible environmental benefits and minimal economic effort and impact on consumer prices

2. There is no intention to make a profit; potential surplus is not distributed to the shareholders but reinvested into strengthening of the system

3. We are committed to a transparent and auditable operation

4. Packaging fees  are calculated according to the real costs per material

5. All customers are treated equally

6. All data submitted to Ekopak are protected and treated confidentially


By meeting the criteria and high standards of business, Ekopak became the 32nd member of PRO EUROPE and an exclusive provider of right to use the Green Dot mark on the packed pruducts for the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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