Paper Packaging optimisation

‘Green dot’ mentioned as one of the best case industry practices in Retail Forum issue paper on Packaging Optimisation 

 The Retail Forum for Sustainability recently presented an issue paper on Packaging Optimisation. The paper, which focuses on the life cycle of packaging as part of a product, acknowledges that innovative packaging can influence consumer choices and that packaging optimisation contributed to reducing environmental impacts as well as operational costs. The document highlights that, although the general packaging optimisation trend is positive, there is still some room for improvement. 

PRO EUROPE and ‘green dot’ systems are outlined under the paper’s Best Practices section, stressing that ”Green Dot’ systems have become internationally recognised models that contribute to the successful implementation of producer responsibility by the companies involved” and noting that “the ‘Green Dot’ is the most widely used trademark in the world”. The role of PRO EUROPE as a hub for the exchange of best practices and know how between national systems is also emphasised.

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