General information on PYR

General information

Main goals

The Environmental Register of Packaging PYR Ltd is a non-profit firm, which works in conjunction with producer organisations as governed by Finnish Waste Act. It assists member firms and the authorities in order that the recovery obligations in the EU packaging directive and the related Finnish legislation may be fulfilled as economically and as smoothly as possible. By making a contract with PYR a firm (packer, filler, importer of packed goods) transfers its recovery obligation for the packaging it has placed on the market to the producer organisations. PYR collects recovery fees and deposits them without deductions into the accounts of the producer organisations, it maintains a register of members and takes care of statistics, reporting and providing information. PYR’s role is:

  1. to maintain the register it has established on firms that circulate packaging in Finland along with the products they have placed on the domestic market;
  2. to compile statistics annually on available packaging materials and quantities; 
  3. to collect the recovery fees according to packaging material on the authorisation of the producer organisations, which are then without deductions used to promote the recovery of packaging and cover the costs incurred in recovery, and
  4. to carry out development, information, monitoring and administrative activities related to the recovery of packaging - the role is based on stipulations issued on the basis of the agreement of 14.3.1995 between the Ministry of the Environment and the packaging industry and of the EU directive 94/62/EC concerning the recovery of packaging.