General information

General information

Ukrainian Packaging & Ecological Coalition (UkrPEC) was founded in 1999 and associated the main companies-producers of packaging and packed goods in Ukraine.


The task of UkrPEC is to protect the interests of the industry and to develop a reasonable legislation for packaging waste management (PWM) by establishing good relations with stakeholders with the aim to create an European regulatory environment in the field of PWM.

The objectives of activities of the coalition:

  1. the common development of recommendations, that can be proposed to the subjects of production and market, professional and public organizations, official institutions and all possible consumers of packaged goods, on to safest ecological development in sphere the field of packaging technology and following waste packaging management in any sphere field;
  2. to help coalition members to fulfil their obligations as to Ukrainian laws and support sustainable development;
  3. to develop an understanding of society and industry about the necessity of separated packaging waste collection and recycling.