The Der Grüne Punkt - Duales System Deutschland GmbH was founded in September 1990 as private enterprise. The core business is the fulfilment of the take back and recycling obligations for industrial firms and retailers, as entailed by the German Packaging Ordinance of 1991 and its several amendments, the latest from 2009.

In addition, the Der Grüne Punkt - Duales System Deutschland GmbH offers further services for existing and potential new customers in the fields of non-returnable deposits and implementing the German “Law on the putting into circulation, take-back and eco-compatible disposal of electrical and electronic appliances”, abbreviated to “ElektroG”. Also, Der Grüne Punkt - Duales System Deutschland GmbH offers comprehensive waste management solutions for transport packaging and industrial waste.

Packaging disposal with the Green Dot: As the umbrella organisation for the recycling of sales packaging in accordance with the provisions of the Packaging Ordinance, the company organises the collection, sorting and recycling of packaging waste in Germany with the support of 724 waste management partners.

Plastics Recycling video  A video about the latest technology of plastic recycling by DSD can be viewed by clicking the video image on the left. 

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