Focusing on packaging waste, the System has developed four major organizational fields which are to be further strengthened in the near future.

  • Recycling of packaging waste stemming from municipal waste (blue bins/Recycling Sorting Centers, RSC). These projects aim at developing the blue recycling bin network; the residents of Municipalities are called upon to use these bins to dispose of recyclable materials (packaging waste from paper, plastic, glass, aluminium and tinplate). The collected stream is then transported to the Sorting Centers, where the recyclable materials are separated and forwarded for recycling. This is a sector exclusively addressed to the general public and developed in cooperation with Local Authorities, as set forth in the existing legal framework. It is also a sector which is set to experience significant growth in the near future. 
  • Recycling of packaging waste stemming from Industrial and Commercial Packaging Waste (ICPW). Essentially, it refers to creating financial incentives for enterprises active in the field of recycling mainly paper and metals as well as other materials. The aim of the System is to direct their actions to areas or materials which do not hold the prospect of immediate financial interest. 
  • Special Actions aiming at the collection and recycling of packaging waste from large producers and generally, places and areas of professional activities (e.g. entertainment facilities, hotel complexes, developed beaches, etc.). The aim of these special actions is to create as clear and pure packaging waste streams as possible at their point of production and they focus mainly on glass.
Agreements with municipal or non-municipal bodies (e.g. the Association of Communities and Municipalities in the Attica Region – A.C.M.A.R.) aiming at the energy recovery of packaging waste. 

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