Legal basis

Waste Management (Packaging) Regulations, SI 242 of 1997 to SI 798 of 2007

  • All involved in the chain of supply of packaging have obligations to recover packaging waste. However, those who put more than 10 tonnes of packaging on the market combined with a turnover in excess of €1.0m per annum (excl. VAT) are described as ‘major producers’ and have more stringent obligations to ensure the recovery of packaging waste. They can either self-comply, and operate a 'take-back' scheme at their premises, or join a compliance scheme (Repak).  Ireland’s 34 Local Authorities are responsible for the collection of household packaging waste and the statutory enforcement of the Packaging Regulations.
  • The Regulations on Essential Requirements were adopted by Ireland in 1998

EU Recovery/Recycling Targets

Ireland (along with Greece and Portugal) has a derogation whereby it has to recover 60% of all packaging by 2011* - ref: EU Directive 2004/12/EC.  Within this overall EU target figure, material specific targets are as follows:

Glass:                       60%
Paper/Board              60% 
Metals:                      50%
Plastics:                    22.5%
Wood                        15%
Total (all materials)    60%

Note: *Irelands EU recovery/recycling targets for achievement by 2011 have been transposed into government regulations and brought forward for achievement by end 2008. Responsibility for achievement of the targets has been specifically assigned by government to Repak.

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