Legal basis

Legal basis


Packaging and Packaging Waste Law, April 1997

  • Definite targets for June 30th 2001: Recover between 50%-65%, of which 25%-45% is to be recycled. A minimum of 15% by material. Also, a 10% reduction of packaging weight.
  • Definite responsibility lies with packagers, producers, or suppliers. There are choices between, deposit, self-compliance, or membership in a compliance scheme (SIG).
  • Responsibility lies with the last possessor of commercial/industrial packaging waste, who has to deliver the packaging waste to an authorized recycler or recoverer. As an alternative commercial/industrial packaging can voluntarily participate in the SIG, provided that the Local Government handles its collection.


Royal Decree, which sets forth the Law, 1998

  • Sets up the scope of the SIG: household packaging collected by Local Government.
  • Some companies (placing more than certain packaging material quantities on the market) must submit a Prevention Plan, which has to be approved by regional authorities.  These Plans can be prepared under certain conditions by the SIG.


Royal Decree, which transposes Directive 2004/12/EC, 2006

  • New targets for December 31 2008: recover 60%, of which 55% has to be recycled. Minimum recycling targets: glass and paper-cardboard 60%; metals 50% plastics 22, 5% and wood 15%.
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