Legal Basis

Dutch and EU Packaging Waste legislation

In the Netherlands, producers and importers of packaged products are legally responsible for the prevention, collection and recycling of packaging waste. This producer responsibility follows the European directive on packaging and packaging waste which has been implemented in Dutch national legislation by the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment via the Packaging, Paper and Cardboard Management Decree (Packaging Decree, in Dutch).

National agreement

Negotiations between Dutch industry, municipalities and national government on the responsibilities of producers and importers in the Netherlands resulted in a Packaging Agreement for 2013-2022 (Dutch).

According to the Packaging Agreement, the following national recycling targets for packaging materials should be reached in 2016: 

  • 46% of plastics
  • 90% of glass
  • 75% of paper
  • 85% of metal
  • 33% of wood

Each year, the targets for plastics and wood will be raised by one percentage point and two percentage points respectively until 2022, when the targets will be fixed at 52% for plastics, and 45% for wood.

Waste Management Contribution Agreement (ABBO)

A new binding agreement came into effect on the 1st of January 2013: The Waste Management Contribution Agreement (Afvalbeheersbijdrageovereenkomst (ABBO)). This ABBO is binding for all producers and importers of packaged products in the Netherlands.

Register with Packaging Waste Fund

Producers and importers of more than 50,000 kg of packaging must register and pay a fee to the Packaging Waste Fund (Afvalfonds Verpakkingen). By registering and paying the contribution, producers and importers fulfil the majority of the obligations they have under the Packaging Agreement 2013-2022 and the Packaging Decree, including meeting the recycling targets.

Read more about the responsibilities for producers and importers, and about registration with the Packaging Waste Fund.

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