Legal basis

Legal basis

The modified Grand-Ducal Regulation of October 31, 1998 (in place from January 1, 1999) contains:

  • Regulations on all materials and three types of packaging (primary, secondary and tertiary). 
  • Distinction between household and non-household packaging waste.
  • The goals to be reached by December 31, 2008 are the following:

Total recovery 65 %
Total recycling 60 %

Recycling glass

60 %

Recycling paper/cardboard

60 %

Recycling metals

50 %

Recycling plastic

22.5 %

Recycling wood

15 %

  • Obligation for the people responsible for packaging, i. e. producers, importers, retailers:
    • To implement a collection system in order to reach the recycling targets 
    • To cover in an appropriate manner the total cost of collecting, sorting and recycling packaging 
    • To inform customers and the Multi-party monitoring commitee which controls compliance with the regulations
  • Possibility for the people responsible for packaging to foresee the conclusion of voluntary agreements to promote the reuse of packaging.
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