General Information

General Information

┼Żaliasis taškas is a non-profit entity founded in 2002 by 26 leading Lithuanian producers and importers for creation of the unified effort in environmental protection field via establishment of the extended producer responsibility principle across the industry within the country.

The main goal of ┼Żaliasis taškas is to develop the system for selective collection of household packaging waste in order to carry out a subsequent treatment and packaging waste recovery in a friendly to environment, acceptable to society way by using economically efficient means. The main services of the organization are:

  • management of the packaging waste
  • development of recycling scheme infrastructure in whole country
  • representation of clients in legislation processes
  • education of society about sorting and recycling of packaging waste

┼Żaliasis taškas is the first and the largest packaging and packaging waste recovery and recycling organization owned by obliged industry in Lithuania representing over 2700 members and covering more than 60% of the market.
Lithuanian packaging waste management system is intended to cover collection and recycling of glass, plastic, metal, paper and beverage cartons.

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