General Information

Repak is a packaging compliance scheme set up in 1997 under Ireland’s Waste Packaging Regulations (1997 to 2003) to facilitate producer responsibility in the area of packaging and packaging waste recovery and recycling.  It is a membership based scheme that offers legal compliance with the regulations to obligated producers. Repak is known as a “Green Dot” packaging compliance scheme having affiliated to Pro Europe /Grune Punkt in 1999.

The core functions of Repak are:

  • To raise and disburse funds from industry and other sources to defray the cost of recovery and recycling of packaging waste;
  • To agree strategies with industry, government, and local authorities for meeting Ireland’s EU targets for recovery and recycling;
  • To plan, communicate and implement these strategies;
  • To monitor, measure, and control achievements of targets through the collection of statistics from members;
  • To target packaging waste arising in the industrial, commercial and domestic sectors;
  • To undertake educational and awareness programmes aimed at schools, consumers, industry and local government;
  • To advise members on techniques to optimise packaging and prevent and minimise packaging waste, as appropriate.

Repak assumes responsibility on behalf of its members for the recovery and recycling of packaging waste up to the target percentage agreed with Government as representing Ireland’s EU recycling targets under EU directive 2004/12/EC (and future amendments).

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