General Information

General Information

Eco-Emballages and Adelphe were formed on the initiative of the authorities and businesses within the framework of the decree dated 1st April 1992, henceforth codified in the Code de l’Environnement. What was at stake was to achieve compliance with European environmental standards policy in terms of Extended Producer Responsibility.


This principle states that any company (producer, distributor or importer) marketing packaged products in France intended for consumer use must “contribute to the disposal of its household packaging waste or make suitable provision in that respect”.


This decree has elicited a big response from companies keen on asserting their social and environmental responsibility. This convergence of economic and political forces gave birth to the first French eco-organization


entirely dedicated to sustainable development, both in its conception and implementation. Its precise missions are to organize, maintain and enhance selective collection, sorting, recycling and reuse of household packaging nationwide.


But without the involvement of other economic players concerned with the life cycle of packaging, this could not have succeeded. Gradually the system has been put in place with their involvement: responsible


consumers, who sort their packaging for recycling purposes; local authorities, which are operationally responsible for implementing selective collection, running waste treatment centres and which keep citizens informed; not forgetting the recycling industry, which processes waste household packaging to produce new materials.


Eco-Emballages and Adelphe thus operate according to a principle of co-responsibility and for fifteen years have been able to count on a chain of players standing united to help create a better environment for future generations.



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