General Information


Green Dot Cyprus (Public) Co Ltd was incorporated with the initiative of the C.C.C.I (Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry), as a non-profit organization whose main objective is to undertake collectively and on behalf of member companies (manufacturing and importing) their responsibility to recover and recycle packaging materials they place into the market.


This need is a result of the harmonization of local laws the EU legislation and more specifically the Directive 94/62/EU on Packaging and Packaging Waste which introduces the ‘polluter pays’ principle.


The System was accredited on the 1st of August 2006 and is the first License issued in Cyprus for this purpose, rendering the Green Dot Cyprus System currently the only active collective system in the local market. The license is valid for a six year period, according to the Packaging Ordinance, and can be renewed for successive six year period. The System manages both household and commercial/industrial packaging

Collective Systems under management

Green Dot Cyprus has undertaken over the last two years to manage also, on a management contract basis, two collective systems:

A WEEE system on behalf of WEEE Electrocyclosis Cyprus Ltd, representing the importers of electrical and electronic equipment.  

A batteries system on behalf of AFIS Cyprus Ltd representing importers of batteries. 






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