General Information

General Information

ÇEVKO foundation has been established in 1991, by the 14 leading packaing, detergent and beverage industrial companies of Turkey.
The objective of ÇEVKO is to contribute and play a leading role in the establishment of Packaging Waste Recovery System in Turkey, while compliying with the related European Union Legislations and with the Principles of Integrated Waste Management. The Principles of Shared Responsibility among the Consumer, Industry, Local and Central Goverment are the guiding principles of the activities of ÇEVKO.

Municipalities, industry and consumers are the three key players of this integrated waste management system. ÇEVKO works closely with these three key players. ÇEVKO' s aims are:


  • Helping municipal authorities in setting up separate household solid waste collection and recovery systems
  • Implementing education and awareness raising programs to improve public participation in environmental programs
  • Coordinating the industrial responsibility in packaging waste recycling


We commit ourselves to develop a sustainable recovery system in the leadership of industry so as to contribute to the protection of environment, to the social development and to the economy in Turkey. 


In order to develop a sustainable recovery system on recyclable wastes in Turkey:

  • To contribute to the formation of a contemporary legislative framework on waste management by sharing the industry perspective with all stakeholders.
  • To cooperate with local authorities in the framework of relevant legislation so as to expand the separate collection and recycling activities to the country wide.
  • To undertake and fulfill the producer responsibility.
  • To provide accumulation of knowledge on waste management by taking national and international implementations into account, to carry out efficient communicational, educational and acknowledging activities in order to create environmental awareness, to participate in research and development activities, to give consultancy and technical support to relevant stakeholders.


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