General Information

General Information

ECOPACK BULGARIA JSC is a "recovery organization", within the meaning of Article 11, para. 4 it.2 and § 1, it.26 of the Supplementary Provisions of the Waste Management Act, having a license under Article 62, para.1 of the same Act, issued by the Minister of Environment and Waters.

ECOPACK BULGARIA is a non for profit company established in February 2004 by 18 leading Bulgarian and international companies: "Agrima" JSC, "Ganchev" LTD, "Gotmar" LTD, "Danone-Serdika" SA, "Devin" JSC, "ITD" LTD, "Kaven Iradis" LTD, "Coca Cola HBC Bulgaria" JSC, "Link" JSC, "Pobeda" JSC, "Prista Oil" JSC, "Sars Group & Co" LTD, "Tetra Pack Bulgaria" LTD, "Ficosota Syntez" LTD, "Florina Bulgaria" JSC, "Herti" LTD, "Shumensko Pivo" JSC, "Unilever Bulgaria" LTD.

ECOPACK BULGARIA has one-stage management structure that includes
nine-member Board of Directors.

The company is represented by two Executive Directors and a Procurator.

Goals and Objectives

  • Become a national wide recovery organization for packaging waste on
    Bulgarian market;
  • Organize and establish an efficient and sustainable system for collection,
    recycling and recovery of packaging waste generated at households,
    commercial sector and industry, ensuring high level of environmental
    protection for benefits to the citizens of Bulgaria;
  • Provide ECOPACK BULGARIA shareholders and clients with a cost
    efficient and long-term solution for achievement of packaging waste
    recovery and recycling targets;
  • Release the companies participating in the collective system organized
    by ECOPACK BULGARIA from the obligation to pay product fees for their
    packaging on the market.
ECOPACK BULGARIA has the exclusive right to use and provide to third parties
on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria the right of use on the mark
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