Thanks to the fee contributions collected from participating licensees, Eco-Emballages and Adelphe help local authorities set up and optimize selective waste collections programmes by providing finance for the extra cost incurred by this type of collection and in operating sorting centres (the amount is based on the weight of separated material). Except for the very first pilot-sites, set up by Eco-Emballages, the schemes are never investing in selective collection but supporting the performance of this collection through financing sorted materials.






Since 1993, most packs participating in Eco-Emballages have been paying 0.15 € cent irrespective of the material or weight. From year 2000, the principles of the new fee structure provide for a fee by weight of each material + a fee per pack, taking into account packaging waste prevention which is a priority of European Directive 94/62/EC.






Over 10,000 licensees of various activity's sectors have joined Eco-Emballages, representing a turnover of 481 million €. The green dot on the packs means that the company contributes to finance the selective collection programmes set up by Eco-Emballages.

As the targets in 1992 were defined for 2002, the territory has been progressively coverd by Eco-Emballages : 17 million inhabitants in 1995, 45 million in 2000 and nearly a full coverage in 2008 (59.6 million). The administrative local structure - 36,600 municipalities - has been a limit to fast development but time has been an advantage to built a pragmatic and cost-efficient scheme including recycling and recovery.






About 12,000 licensees (mainly wine and spirit sector) representing a turnover of 37.5 million € have joined Adelphe and are using the green dot as a financial symbol by an agreement of sub-licence from Eco-Emballages. Adelphe is covering 3.5 million inhabitants for all materials and 5 million for the glass in contract with local authorities common to Eco-Emballages supporting the other four materials.







How are the licence fees calculated?

  Fee by weight of material euros/kg (2011)
  Steel 0.0302
  Aluminium 0.6060
  Paper/cardboard 0.1633
  Plastics 0.2378
  Glass 0.0048
  Other 0.1633

The fee for each piece of packaging is calculated on the basis of the material and weight plus a unit fee, i.e. a fee capped at 0.0015 euros per pack.

Fee per pack:
  • If the weight- and material-specific fee is greater than or equal to 0.0015 euros then total fee = fee by weight + fee per pack capped at 0.0015 euros.
  • If the weight- and material-specific fee is less than 0.0015 euros then total fee = fee by weight x 2.
  • If pack > 1 kg: the weight-based fee has been calculated for 1 kg since 2000.
  • If a member uses a pack with over 50 percent recycled content, the fee will be reduced by 10 percent to compensate for any extra weight.
  • If a member replaces a rigid pack that has a recycling outlet with one that has not, then the fee will be doubled.

(valid for one item - without transport packaging)

  Country: France  
  Example 1:  
  can filled with corn  
  Calculation of licence fees for 1 item  
  packaging data per can:  
  weight of tinplate: 45,63 gramm  
  paper label: 2,55 gramm  
  volume of can: 425 ml  
  calculation of weight related fee: Cent
  Fee by weight  

48,18 g x 3,02 Cent/kg of tinplate = 0,1455 Cent






  calculation of item fee:  
  Fee by pack 0,1455
  subtotal 0,2910
  reduction quota 0
  subtotal net 0,2910
  VAT 19,6% 0,057
  grand total gross 0,348

  Country: France  
  Example 2:  
  cardboard box with plastic window for headset  
  Calculation of licence fee for 1 item  
  packaging data per box:  
  weight of box: 106,8 gramm  
  plastic window: 9,28 gramm  
  15,5 cm x 22 cm x 7,7 cm = 2625,7 cm³  
  calculation of weight related fee: Cent
  Fee by weight  
  116,08 g x 23,78Cent/kg of paper = 2.7603 Cent 2,7603
  calculation of item fee:  
  Fee by pack 0,15
  subtotal 2,9103
  reduction quota 0
  subtotal net 2,9103
  VAT 19,6% 0,5704
  grand total gross 3,4807

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