Estonian Recovery Organization (ERO) is a non-profit organization. It finances its activities by recovery fee. Once a company concludes a Client Contract, it has a right to attach the Green Dot to packaging circling in the ERO system. In compliance with the user-pays principle, the recovery fees are calculated on the basis of the material used, the weight of items sold. They also take account of the different costs incurred for collecting and sorting the packaging materials and, in the case of plastics, for recycling. The companies pay only for those items of packaging they put on to the Estonian market.

Recovery fees 2013


Sales packaging                                                       EURO/kg

Glass and ceramics                                                      0,102

Paper and carton, including beverage carton (for milk)      0,105

Beverage carton                                                        0,105

Plastic                                                                    0,409

Metal                                                                 0,256

Wood                                                                      0,041


Transport and group packaging                                

Paper, carton, corrugated board                                   0,093

Plastic                                                                       0,109

Metal                                                                       0,128

Wood  0,041                  





ERO pays compensation for the packaging collected by the client himself. Compensation depends on collection, sorting and transportation costs and positive/negative value of material collected.





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