The system is financed throughout the payments made by Fillers/ Importers in a clear adoption of the polluter-pays principle. The licence fees are calculated according to the weight of the respective packaging material put into the Portuguese market.

In return for the fee collected, SPV grants the Fillers/ Importers permission to mark their packaging with the "Green Dot". This symbol together with a certificate issued by SPV, confirms that the companies belong to the Integrated System and have transferred their recovery obligations to an officially recognized system-operating organisation.

Functioning as a non-profit organisation, SPV fully allocates its annual overall income to expenditure on the following grounds: the budget to cover the additional costs of municipalities in regard to multi-material collection and sorting represents the biggest slice of the revenues, whereas the remaining part is allocated to budgets meant for communication and environmental education as well as research & development projects.


How are the licence fees calculated?

VAT not included.

  Material Primary Packaging -Green Dot Fees €/T Secondary Packaging -Green Dot Fees €/T Tertiary Packaging -Green Dot Fees €/T
Household packaging Glass


Plastic 221,35 86,33 23,8
Paper/cardboard 83,70 32,93 7
ECAL 125,53
Steel 93,13 39 24,4
Aluminium 159,48
Wood 14,95 13,23 9,10
Other materials 252,20 239,5 208,75

Industrial and raw materials Packaging




Plastic 23,8 23,8 23,8
Paper/Cardboard 7 7 7
Steel 24,4 24,4 24,4
Aluminium 49,4
Wood 9,1 9,1 9,1
Other materials 55 55 55

Hazardous industrial and raw materials packaging



Plastic  23,8 23,8  23,8 
Paper/Cardboard  7 7
Steel 24,4 24,4 24,4
Aluminium 49,4    
Wood      9,1

Checkout bags

Checkout bags Plastic




The licence fees which are used to finance the Green Dot system are calculated on the basis of material type and weight. The licence fees are paid by packers and fillers according to the weight of the packaging placed on the Portuguese market per annum.


(valid for one item - without transport packaging)

  Country: Portugal  
  Example 1:  
  can filled with corn  
  Calculation of licence fees for 1 item (fees of 2010)  
  packaging data per can:  
  weight of tinplate: 45,63 gramm  
  paper label: 2,55 gramm  
  volume of can: 425 ml  
  calculation of weight related fee: Cent

45.63 g x 16.44 Cent/kg of tinplate = 750.16 Cent

2.55g x 8.63 Cent/kg of paper= 22.01 Cent



  calculation of item fee:  
  subtotal 0.77 
  subtotal net 0.77 
  VAT 20% 0.15
  grand total gross 0.92 

  Country: Portugal  
  Example 2:  
  cardboard box with plastic window for headset  
  Calculation of licence fee for 1 item (fees of 2010)  
  packaging data per box:  
  weight of box: 106,8 gramm  
  plastic window: 9,28 gramm  
  15,5 cm x 22 cm x 7,7 cm = 2625,7 cm³  
  calculation of weight related fee: Cent
  Fee by weight  
  106,8 g x 8,63 Cent/kg of paper = 921,68 Cent 0.92
   9,28 x 22,82 Cent/kg of plastic = 211,77 0.21
  calculation of item fee:  
  subtotal 1.13
  subtotal net 1.13
  VAT 20% 0.23
  grand total gross 1.36


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