Financial income of Rekopol is coming from fillers, packers and importers who signed a special Agreement with that Company. At first an Entrepreneur has to accept 'Recycling' Fees charged by Rekopol for its services. The fees are the same for all members of the System , and are weight based in respect to the reported amount of packaging put on the market, calculated per kg of packaging differentiated by the packaging material.

We also co-operate with municipalities in Poland. Rekopol offers them financial support to develop local selective collection of packaging waste; that support takes the form of an allowance to each ton of specific recyclable packaging material collected and transferred to recycling.


How are the licence fees calculated?

  Packaging material Tariffs in euros/kg
for 2005 (excl. VAT)
  Paper, cardboard 0.40
  Glass packaging 0.44
  Plastics 0.42
  Composites (excl. beverage cartons) 0.74
  Beverage cartons 0.74
  Steel 0.37
  Aluminum packaging 0.64
  Wood packaging 0.13

Recycling/licence fees are paid by entrepreneurs according to material categories. Net weight-based fees are shown in euros/kg by material

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