The licence fees are currently set per kg according to different types of packaging and tableware. The licence fees are set in order to cover our collection and recycling costs. If these costs will change LZP licence fee will also be revised.


The minimum licence fee is LVL 15 (EUR 21) per quarter.

The licence fee tariffs which came into force from January 1, 2010:

Material License fee LVL License fee EUR
Glass 0.0344 0.049
Polymers (incl. PET) 0.0936 0.133
Metal 0.048 0.068
Paper, cardboard, beverage cartons
other natural fibers, incl. bio-plastics
0.0116 0.016

Wood                                                          0,011                    0,016

The fee for composites (laminates) must be paid for that packaging material which is predominant.


Entrance fee

New licensees have to pay a single entrance fee LVL 25 (EUR 35).

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