PYR’s registration and annual fees 2007 are the same as for 2006.

Fee category Turnover of the company/
location, EUR million
Registration fee 2007
Annual fee 2007
A > 17 165 500
B 1.7 – 17 115 330
C 1.0 – 1.7 50 50
D < 1.0 30 0

Groups or firms with several locations may make a comprehensive contract with PYR. In this case, we grant a 20% discount on registration and annual fees.

PYR’s register contains a group of firms with a turnover of under one million euros. Producer responsibility does not apply to these firms in Finland. Such firms, making a contract with PYR mainly for reasons of image, may register with PYR next year by paying only the 30 euro registration fee. All firms in the register are equal with regard to benefits. These include, for instance, the right to use PYR’s trademark on packaging and in marketing, subscription to the newsletter, PYR News, which comes out three times per year, and a membership certificate, which is annually updated and sent to all packers. In order to keep the data in our register up-to-date, we check on contact-person and turnover data on an annual basis with all packers under contract. We publish the names of all registered firms on our website.


Material EUR/tn + VAT Change %
Corrugated cardboard packaging 2.5 + 25
Industrial wrapping and sacks 8.4 ± 0
Cores 8.4 ± 0
Fibre consumer packaging/wrapping 8.5 -5.6
Carton liquid packaging 13.0 -13.3
Plastic packaging 23.0 + 4.5
Aluminium packaging 17.0 ± 0
Tinplate packaging 17.0 ± 0
Steel packaging 1.7 ± 0
Deposit beverage cans (metal) - -
Non-deposit glass packaging 10.0 ± 0
Wooden packaging 1.2 + 20.0
Other - -

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