Facts & Figures

Facts & Figures




390,920 Km2

No. of Local Authorities     

444 (in 2004)

Packaging (household and transport)  

2.2 million tonnes of packaging, of which 1.6 million tonnes reusable and reused in industrial /commercial reuse systems

Packaging waste

649,500 tonnes (2004)
440,100 tonnes (2004)
249,300 tonnes


95 per cent of all packers/fillers

and importers of packed products


PYR is owned by industry and trade organisations:

  1. Food Industry Federation 
  2. Chemical Industry Federation 
  3. Finnish Oil and Gas Federation 
  4. Forest Industry Federation 
  5. Finnish Plastics Industry Federation 
  6. Technologies Industries of Finland 
  7. Federation of the Consumer Goods and Special Goods Industry 
  8. Food Retail Federation 
  9. Confederation of Finnish Commerce 
  10. Finnish Packaging Association
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