Facts & Figures

Facts & Figures

When and by whom was the system founded?

The system was founded by leading companies (fillers and packaging producers) in December 1991 as a result of an industrial commitment to help implement a packaging waste management system in Turkey. Practical operation started in 1992.

How many regular members of staff are employed?

 25 employees (As of December 2012)

How many licensees/members does the system have?

App. 1500 licensees (As of December 2012)

Which types of packaging are collected? And which places generating packaging waste are covered by the system?

The system covers all three types of packaging, i.e. sales, group and transport packaging, from households, sales points, commercial locations (hotels, restaurants, etc.) and industrial facilities.

Who finances the collection, sorting and recovery of the packaging waste?

According to the Turkish Regulation on the Control of Packaging Waste, "economic operators", i.e. packaged product suppliers (brand owners) and packaging producers/importers, have to finance the collection, sorting and recovery of the packaging waste.

Are companies legally obliged to print the "Green Dot" symbol on their packaging?

Starting from June 24th 2007, no.

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