Legal Basis

Legal Basis

The history of the legal perspective of the packaging waste management starts with the Solid Waste Control Regulation (SWCR) in 1991. According to this regulation, there were certain recovery obligations for some sectors. Only the sales packaging were being covered and paper&board was excluded. In the period of 1991-2005, the covered companies fulfilled their obligations in cooperation with WMCs. There were some obligations even for the local authorities but there were not clearly defined. This period may be called as a “voluntary phase” for the local authorities.

The related articles of the SWCR and the 94/62/EC Directive are harmonized and “The Packaging & Packaging Waste Control Regulation” came into force by the beginning of 2005. The new regulation which is spesificly for the packaging waste was covering “all packaging”. The obligations for all related parties are defined more clearly even for the local authorities. In 2005, ÇEVKO is also authorized by the Ministry of Environment & Forestry as a recovery organization.

In 24.6.2007, the regulation is revised. The new name of the regulation was “The Packaging Waste Control Regulation “. By this revision the main changes were the extended period of the recovery rates, the voluntary marking and simplified declaration forms.

On August 24th, 2011 the regulation was revised again. By this revision, some new definitions such as  “Supplier” were added. The solution alternatives of packers/fillers/importers are defined as authorized recovery organizations and/or municipalities and/or deposit implementation.


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