Facts & Figures

Facts & Figures


Population (2011) 10.8 Million

Inhabitants covered by the projects (end 2011)

No. of contracted local authorities 3 regions, 35 contracts with intermunicipal authorities. 589 municipalities are concerned.

Packaging put on the market by its members in 2011

764 kT
Members contribution 5.233 members / 86,7 million EUR
Types of packaging Household packaging or equivalents

On average, 116 kg/inhabitant/year packaging and old paper were collected in 2011 by bottle banks, door-to-door collections and container parks.

This quantity breaks down in:
70 kilos of paper-cardboard (packaging and non-packaging)
31 kilos of glass
15 kilos of PMD (plastic bottles and flasks, metals and drinks cartons)

In 2011, 700.806 tons of household packaging waste were recycled and 725.763 tons were recovered. Compared to the declarations of its members, this represents a recycling rate of 91,7% and a recovery rate of 95,0%, substantially more than the legal targets